Since 1998, organizers of trade shows, conventions and events have relied on ADITUS for their ticketing. Our specialties: Visitor registration, admission control, badge printing and digital marketing — for events of any size. All our products are developed in close cooperation with our customers.

Our strength is based on the well-established, interdisciplinary teamwork of our engineers, technicians, software developers, project managers and designers.


Our management does not only plan the company’s strategy and goals, but also actively steers the project design and is always available to customers for consultation.

Marc Luzoff

CEO, Managing Director

Sebastian Grein

COO, Managing Director

Matthias Schön


Software Engineering

Our software engineering team designs and develops our innovative products – from the ADITUS ticket shop to the POS system and the Exhibitor Service Center (ESC).

Sebastian Wiehl

Head of Software Engineering

Project Management

For the project management team, our customers’ satisfaction is of top priority. Our employees work hand in hand with the customers in projects and at events.

Marc Ehbrecht

Team Lead Project Management

Moritz Wichmann

Team Lead Project Management

Event Operations

For the event operations team, the planning, coordination, management, and implementation of challenging projects in the trade fair and event industry is the top priority. The team supports exciting national and international events.

Johann Weiberg

Team Lead Event Operations

Hardware Engineering

The hardware engineering team develops and maintains the proven ADITUS admission systems, including the Self-Badging Gate (SBG) and the Self-Badging Terminal (SBT) with integrated badge printer.

Joachim Vogelsang

Team Lead Hardware Engineering

IT & Infrastructure

Our IT department encompasses all the expertise ADITUS required to develop, introduce and maintain our IT infrastructure and systems within the company.

Nils Müller

Team Lead IT & Infrastructure

Design & Communications

Design & communications presents our products and services in the best possible light using modern communication strategies.

Hersa Luzoff

Team Lead Design & Communications

Internal Services

Internal services takes care of internal organisational tasks, manages financial matters and ensures that we stay on course – no matter how rough the sea.