COVID Control Centre:
8 Switches for Safe Events

The UFI Award-winning solution from ADITUS consists of 8 components for the customization of events:

1. Trace It and Track It

Participants enter their personal data during registration. On-site, these are printed live onto personalized badges, with name, company and QR code.

Exhibitors use the QR code to log attendees’ booth visits for tracking – quickly and contact-free.

2. Inform and Provide Security

Organizers can use the ticket shop to provide visitors with essential event information. For instance, visitors can be shown the event’s security measures as part of the registration process.

Organizers can make adjustments directly in the visitor portal.

3. Control and Oversee

If events have to restrict visitor density, organizers can selectively control admission through ADITUS Web-TERP. It is possible, for example, to set fixed admission time frames.

These quotas can be set up and adjusted with little effort.

4. Keep the Order

Staggered admission times and touch-free access methods are recommended in order to comply with regulatory requirements.

At the event, visitor concentration within predefined areas can be controlled areas through badge scans.

5. Test to Stop the Spread

Rapid tests help to prevent infection outbreaks and are expected to become an important part of hygiene policies.

On-site rapid tests can be directly linked to tickets to ensure a safe event.

6. Head Towards the Fast Lane

The ADITUS G³ Fast Lane enables attendees to upload digital vaccination, test and recovery certificates during registration. Certificates are verified immediately and assigned to the ticket holder. Verified participants are granted direct access to the event.

ADITUS is the first ticketing provider to process EU-COVID Certificates without delay – both during registration and directly on-site! The integration of additional certificate types is in progress.

7. Evolve and Hybridise

Numerous organizers have recently been forced to switch to hybrid or digital events. The ADITUS ticket shop supports live, hybrid and digital events. A changeover is also possible.

Through the ADITUS Identity Provider, single sign-on (SSO) works for hybrid events as well: Participants access all analog and digital features through a common login.

8. Modify Information

Organizers and participants must be able to adjust their plans at any time. Organizers want to directly adjust time slots, descriptions and quotas.

Participants want to edit their visit appointments and adjust their personal data after registration.

ADITUS systems are ready for all of these situations.

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