ADITUS G³ Fast Lane
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G³ Fast Lane at a glance

The ADITUS G³ Fast Lane enables fast admissions as before COVID, using one of two methods:

  1. Certificate upload through the ticket shop as part of the registration process. Participants upload their digital vaccination, recovery or test certificate. The certificate is immediately verified online, participants receive an activated ticket for direct admission.
  2. On-site certificate scan at the entrance together with the ticket. Here, too, verification is immediate and fully automated. The ticket is activated directly (One-Stop Fast Lane).

In both cases, there is no need for a time-consuming manual on-site verification check!

The G³ Fast Lane is available both as part of our products and as an API for integration into external systems.

G³ Fast Lane in the Ticket Shop

Participants upload the QR code of their digital vax/recovery/test certificate either as an image, PDF or via webcam.

The ticket shop accepts

  • vaccination certificates
  • proof of recovery
  • negative test certificates (if allowed)

The validity is checked immediately and online.

All EU-compliant formats (COVID-19 Certificate, Green Pass) are supported, such as those processed by EU COVID apps (COVID Certificate Check, CovidSafe, TousAntiCovid, Immuni, …).

Attendees will receive an activated ticket for direct on-site admission — without the need for another verification check!

G³ Fast Lane on site

Participants who did not yet have a certificate at the time of registration can upload one at a later date — until shortly before the event.

The ticket purchase confirmation e-mail contains a link leading straight to the re-registration process.

Attendees who were unable to upload their digital certificate before the show can scan it on-site at the admission gate along with their ticket (Show & Go).

At the entrance, these participants successively scan the ticket and certificate. The certificate is immediately validated and the ticket is activated.

This option also precludes the need for a manual verification check!

Advantages for organizers

The ADITUS G³ Fast Lane facilitates hygiene compliance by reducing on-site inspection efforts.

In the backend, organizers always keep an up-to-date overview of verification quotas.

Manual verification checks can be skipped for all participants who upload their digital certificate during registration or scan it on-site.

Thus, the G³ Fast Lane increases event safety and significantly reduces the amount of personnel required for verification control.

Advantages for attendees

By uploading their certificate ahead of time, attendees can avoid pandemic-related delays when entering the event.

Even if attendees are unable to provide their digital certificate before the event, they can still scan it contactlessly at the on-site admission terminal to activate their ticket and skip manual verification.

Participants perceive pre-registration of their certificate as a security and convenience enhancement.

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