Admission Control

On-site, organizers need an efficient admission control system which requires minimal staff and covers all ticket variants. ADITUS systems fully meet these requirements: Our unique selling points include the intuitive Speedy access terminal and lightning-fast badge printing.

ADITUS products provide all attendees with personalized tickets and badges at the entrance through a fully automated process. All our entry systems allow for completely contactless access.

“Speedy” Access Terminal

Speedy is our all-rounder: With its intuitive design and large, bright display, the access terminal allows all participants at trade fairs, conventions or events uncomplicated access without significant waiting times.

The process is easy: Attendees scan the ticket, visual and acoustic signals provide status information, access is granted.

Organizers benefit from an efficient admission control system that requires minimal staff and handles all common ticket variants. Speedy processes 1D and 2D barcodes, electronic tickets, printed PDF tickets, smartwatch tickets, smart cards, and more.

Speedy can be flexibly expanded and seamlessly integrated into existing systems.