ADITUS Self-Badging Terminal (SBT)

“Speedy” on top, badge printer below — the elegant Self-Badging Terminal is equally suitable for trade fairs, conventions and VIP events. The admission system is quick to set up, takes up little space and processes all common ticket types.

The ADITUS Self-Badging Terminal (SBT) combines the Speedy access terminal with an extremely fast badge printer. The design is eye-catching, but not obtrusive.

Deploying the SBT

The mobile terminal is set up at its desired position within minutes and is built so solidly that it can be put into operation without the need for an anchor in the floor.

The SBT can be operated either with power and Ethernet or with battery and Wi-Fi. In fully wireless mode, the SBT does not require any cabling at all.

The terminal accepts all common ticket variants, from e-tickets and smart cards to tickets for smartphones (m-Ticket, Wallet) and smartwatches. Its shape and flexibility make the SBT ideal for trade and public fairs, conventions and VIP events.

Key Data

  • Speedy access terminal with bright color LC display
    • supports all barcode types (1D, 2D, QR codes, ADITUS QUICODE …)
    • reads all ticket formats (paper, PDF, m-Ticket, Apple Wallet, NFC, …)
  • Badge printer
    • lightning-fast thermal printing of personalized badges
    • ticket media inside the base
  • AC operation with Ethernet
  • battery operation with Wi-Fi
  • optional lanyard holder

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