Exhibitor Service Center (ESC)

The ADITUS Exhibitor Service Center (ESC) enables exhibitors to invite their guests and manage their stand personnel in self-service. In addition, exhibitors can book individual marketing measures to guide visitors to their specific booths.

For organizers, exhibitors are the most important marketing tool for their event. All the elements of the ESC are designed to motivate exhibitors to become more active and invite visitors directly.

Provide your exhibitors with powerful tools for a successful trade show: With the ESC, exhibitors independently manage their VIP guests and their staff.

Dashboards and an activity feed show exhibitors the success of their campaigns. In the marketing area, they can book additional options to stand out in the ticket shop.


  • Exhibitors actively participate in the preparation of your event
  • Incentives increase exhibitors’ interest in the event’s overall success
  • Marketing options create additional revenue streams for organizers

Convenient wizards for campaigns

Exhibitors use convenient wizards to invite their key customers and register their employees to participate. Organizers can freely configure which campaigns the ESC will provide to exhibitors (voucher links, pre-registration …).

Highlights: Data import via Excel, personalized e-mails, individual tickets and badges (PDF, Wallet, m-Ticket, …).

Exhibitors can also use the ESC to download voucher codes and manage their voucher code contingents on their own.

Invite Customers & Register Employees

Organizers can provide exhibitors with free contingents to invite their customers. Additional vouchers can be purchased through the integrated order function.

Exhibitors either send employees a link to register in the Visitor Center or they register their staff directly and download their badges in bundled form.

Detailed Success Monitoring

Exhibitors always keep track of the success of their activities. A conversion funnel on the main page provides an overview of all KPIs; a social media feed informs about current developments regarding the event.

Detailed reports show exhibitors which guests and staff have registered, the status of their contingents and the usage of their promo codes.

Exhibitors can use integrated voucher reporting features to view and manage their visitors’ registration data. The overview also enables exhibitors to specify that they want to be notified when a VIP arrives on site.

Book Marketing Options

Exhibitors can use the ESC to book additional marketing options:

  • Invitation links lead to individualized landing pages
  • Branding of the ticket store with an exhibitor banner
  • Highlighting of the exhibitor during matchmaking during the registration process
  • Exhibitor advertising on tickets (mobile and print)
  • Exhibitor advertising at the entrance (Speedy)

Decide What the ESC Can Do

The look and features of the ESC are based on the needs of the organizer.

  • color scheme & logo as per event CI
  • customizable texts (e.g. ESC name, descriptions)
  • customizable feature set

Rights management allows features to be adapted to individual exhibitors’ needs.

The backend for organizers displays the progress of their exhibitor’s activities in a constantly updated dashboard. This allows you to selectively support particularly active exhibitors and to motivate exhibitors who have made little use of the ESC’s possibilities so far.