ADITUS G³ Fast Lane

By verifying vaccination and recovery certificates as part of the registration process, the ADITUS G³ Fast Lane is a significant contribution to making trade fairs plannable again, even under pandemic conditions.

The ADITUS G³ Fast Lane verifies digital COVID certificates of vaccinated, recovered and tested (“3G”) participants live during registration and automatically releases their tickets for immediate access.

The G³ Fast Lane’s purpose is to streamline the admission area: A manual check is only necessary for participants with analogue certificates.

The ADITUS G³ Fast Lane is suitable for any scenarios which require vaccination, recovery and test certificates (i.e. 2G, 2G-Plus, 3G, 3G Plus) and has already been successfully deployed in 2G, 3G and 3G+ configurations at various German trade fair locations.

Verification of All EU Certificates, for All Participants

The G³ Fast Lane validates all certificates that comply with the EU specification, including the types issued in Norway and Switzerland. They are the same certificate types processed by the majority of Corona certificate wallet apps.

All event participants — visitors, exhibitors, and service providers — can upload their digital COVID certificates either as part of the registration process or at the on-site entrance.

On-site, certificates can be scanned in self-service using the Self-Badging Terminal (SBT) or Self-Badging Gate (SBG), or by staff using the Mobile Supervisor.

The G³ Fast Lane offers attendees a variety of ways to unlock their tickets to enter the event without manual certificate checks.

The G³ Fast Lane as Seen by Participants

If participants can provide a valid digital certificate of vaccination, recovery or test, they can choose between three options:

  • they can scan their digital certificate on-site at the entrance gate.
  • they can present their digital certificate post-registration through their ticket shop user account, or
  • they can scan their digital certificate on-site at the entrance gate

On-site rapid tests can be integrated into the G³ Fast Lane by unlocking the tickets of participants in the test center once a negative test has been confirmed by staff.

Analog credentials must be verified by on-site staff in order to unlock participants’ tickets. Using the ADITUS Mobile Supervisor, personnel merely has to confirm the type of the participant’s credential (Vaccinated, Recovered, Tested) with a simple tap to activate the ticket for entry.

Maximum Security with Maximum Data Protection

The ADITUS G³ Fast Lane reads digital COVID certificates and directly validates them online. The system checks the certificate type, name and validity (signature).

Participant names are compared with the names stored within the certificate. The system can take minor deviations into account (middle names, minimal variations in spelling) — the tolerance threshold can be adjusted in the backend.

After successful verification, the system saves the following data: the time at which the certificate was recorded, the certificate’s validity period, and a link to the ticket holder or ticket. In the interests of data economy, no additional data is stored.

Participants receive an e-mail confirming the validity of their certificate. In the backend, organizers see how many participants have used the G³ Fast Lane so far. It is also possible to send reminder e-mails to registered participants who have not yet uploaded their certificate.