The ADITUS Ticket Shop

The ADITUS ticket shop is a flexible platform for ticket purchases and attendee registration – on smartphones, notebooks or desktop PCs. Social media interfaces accelerate the registration process and invite sharing; a wide selection of payment methods facilitates purchase completion.


  • Social Login: Participants log in with existing accounts (Apple, Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, PayPal, XING, …).
  • Social sharing: Visitors use sharing buttons to highlight your event to their contacts, optionally personalized with the visitor’s profile photo.
  • Payment systems: Integration of numerous payment methods for maximum convenience (Apple Pay, PayPal Express, …).
  • Responsive design: the ticket store is optimized for smartphones and tablets as well as desktop browsers.

Maximum Ease of Use for Visitors

This works with any device – whether it’s a smartphone, tablet, notebook or desktop PC (Responsive Design).

To log in, users can use existing accounts and shorten the registration process. Apple Pay and PayPal Express even enable one-click ticket purchases, as these services provide all the data needed for registration. When creating new accounts, the ticket store assists through autocompletion of addresses.

Once registration is complete, attendees will receive their tickets for direct download as well as by e-mail.

Social Sharing, Social Cards, LinkedIn Events

Social sharing is an effective form of viral marketing: Visitors can easily share your event with their social media contacts using buttons at the bottom of the page. This marketing technique opens up new customer segments at minimal financial investment for the organizer.

ADITUS Social Cards go one step further by integrating the visitor’s profile picture into the sharing graphic. This creates an additional incentive for attendees to invite their contacts to join them.

» Find out more about ADITUS Social Cards

LinkedIn connectivity allows attendees to be automatically associated with your LinkedIn Event.

Support for All Ticketing Types

  • Promotion codes: extensive discount models for marketing campaigns
  • Marketing campaigns: coupons & vouchers
  • Targeted discounts: member discounts, customer referrals
  • Ordering of physical items (e.g. merchandising)
  • Integration of downloadable items (e.g. digital catalogs)
  • Tickets for on-site, hybrid, and digital events
  • Tickets for direct on-site access
  • Vouchers to be automatically swapped for badges at admission control

For PDF as well as mobile tickets, you determine the badge design, including optional advertising and sponsor logos. Adapt the design to match the CI of your event!

All registration forms – including registrations for third parties – are fully compliant with data protection regulations.

Support of All Common Payment Methods

Buyers can choose between numerous payment methods – you determine which ones should be available. A selection:

  • Apple Pay
  • Klarna (online bank transfer)
  • Credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, …)
  • Purchase on account (advance payment by organizer, collection, or through Klarna)
  • PayPal, PayPal Express

After completing registration, buyers are automatically redirected to a confirmation page. There they can check their details and retrieve their tickets. Buyers receive an invoice as a download and by e-mail.

Deeply Customizable

Organizers are able to customize the behavior of the ticket store to suit their own needs – including mandatory fields, questionnaires, and supported payment methods. Color scheme, logos, key visuals and fonts are also freely configurable.

You can set the appearance of ticket types, their names and descriptions, and the text templates for personalized e-mails. Integrate links to other areas of the event, include your own item graphics – the ADITUS ticket store will readily adapt to your needs!