ADITUS Ticket Cash Register

When the entrance area becomes a hive of activity, the ticketing system must be able to withstand high demands. The ADITUS ticket cash register is easy to operate, modular in design and even handles clearing functions.

The ADITUS ticket cash register supports all common payment methods — from cash to vouchers to a wide range of card types. It can be operated completely via touchscreen and adapted to the needs of the event.

Our POS system is fully compliant with German regulatory standards (KassenSichV, GoBD).

The ticket cash register can also be used as a clearing and information terminal to meet all visitor needs.

Deploying the Ticket Cash Register

The ticket cash register can either be operated with existing hardware or assembled from standard components. The system supports various printer types (receipt, thermal, laser, …). Barcode and business card scanners as well as RFID readers can be connected for data acquisition.

Card payments are made via a separate PIN pad in the customer area. The ticket cash register can be flexibly expanded, for instance with customer-facing displays. A large number of interfaces can be used to seamlessly integrate the cash register into existing systems.

Key Data

  • Powerful POS functionality
    • ticket purchases
    • chargeback & cancellation functions
    • voucher management
    • cash statements, cash journal, central reports
    • GoBD compliant, KassenSichV compliant
  • Intuitive operation
    • mouse/keyboard or touch screen
    • fast remote support if required
  • Extensible feature set
    • barcode scanner
    • business card scanner
    • RFID reader
  • Flexible printing functionality
    • thermal, laser and plastic card printers
    • receipt printer for receipts and vouchers

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