Five good reasons

why you should choose a proven registration platform for your virtual event:

Digital Event

It‘s about data

Collect and track valuable data. This is the foundation for future marketing and crucial for growing your event.


Keep your registration process under control

Registration process

Control and individualize your registration process through the combination of articles, the targeting of attendee groups and the use of questionnaires and recommendations.

Simplify the login for your participants

Only register once: Visitors use their existing user accounts or any social login.

Social Login

Vouchers, promo and discount codes


Smart marketing instruments such as vouchers and promo or discount codes are just as effective for live events as they are for digital events. Do not forget them!


Don’t give away your content: Tickets for digital formats are increasingly subject to charges. With the existing payment integrations you can process payments quickly and securely.

Payment providers

Do you require additional information?

ADITUS offers a sophisticated ticket shop with multiple login options, customizable article types and flexible payment options. The ticket shop is suitable for both digital and hybrid events.
We have over 20 years of experience in ticketing and possess a wealth of knowledge which is incorporated in our field-tested products.
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